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Park Place School is situated in the heart of Norfolk , Virginia and has been serving underserved students here for over 20 years.   The school began focusing on children with learning disabilities, working with them to attain and then maintain grade-level in academic achievement.


Our methods have changed over the years, but that heart to work with students in creative ways, to help them advance faster than grade-level has continued to be a central part of our vision.  

Today, we keep class sizes small, we use standardized testing three times a year to carefully monitor student progress, and we respond efficiently when the pace of progress is not as we had planned. We intentionally weave experiential learning into our students' experiences. 


We are a Christian school, we encourage our students to have a relationship with Jesus.  Part of how we do this is creating a warm and stable community.  You would be amazed at how peaceful our classroom environments are.  Our teachers are amazing role models, so we unabashedly stand behind the idea that many of the values we hold dear are 'caught rather than taught.'   But, just in case, we do teach our students to be lights in their world.

You know, in a lot of ways, our education is not primarily for our students' sake...   There is a world waiting for them to come fully into their own.  It is our place to support them in that.

We teach our students to walk humbly with God, and, as Buechner said, to seek to fulfill their personal mission.   

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