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Park Place School offers children a high quality, individualized education, infused with Christian teachings and values.

We accept applications throughout the year -- you can apply now.

If you are applying for your child to attend PPS beginning in the fall semester, please plan to apply soon – and before mid-August – if at all possible.


If you are interested in your child attending Park Place School, please call 757-624-3473 or email us at to set up an appointment.  We will schedule a tour and offer you an admissions packet when you visit or by email.  We suggest that you begin this process as soon as possible, as we often have a waiting list.

Application Process:

  1.  Before or after a tour, the parent submits a completed application packet including all necessary forms and documents.

  2. Once an appointment is set, the student takes an admissions test (similar to those he or she has likely taken before) to determine academic levels.

  3. The Education Committee will review the student’s previous school records, admissions testing results, and parent/guardian questionnaire and make the final decision regarding admission.

  4. The student must spend a minimum of two hours in a Park Place School classroom for observation before the enrollment process is complete.  If this isn’t possible because school is not in session, this observation will be part of their orientation the first week of classes.

  5. All students are admitted on a probationary status for the first 9 weeks, and may be extended an additional 9 weeks, in order to determine if PPS is the best fit for the child’s needs.

Thank you for your interest in our amazing school!

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