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Park Place School News

We are moving over the summer from our current location in the Beth El Congregation's facility near Maury High School to a new facility directly across the street from Granby High School.  We are moving to 107 Seekel Street in Norfolk, Virginia.

We were so blessed by our association with Beth El Congregation, they were generous and gracious with us.  Thank you, friends!

But it is time to move.  Our new facilities will be under renovation over the summer: we have to knock down some walls, do some electrical work and plumbing, network the rooms, and furnish them. 

In other words, it is an exciting and challenging time!

Come with us!

Come with us!   Seriously, as we move, we ask that you make the journey with us.  You will love it and we need you!

You will love it because our school is just cool, and you want to be involved with us. 

We need you because there is labor and financial need that we don't normally have.  We estimate that in addition to our normal operating costs, we will need another $180,000 to complete renovations and furnish the new spaces. 


If you are interested in helping, contact Don Robison at   If you are interested in giving, contact Jennifer Whittington at  


We're moving, come join us! 

Our School is Moving!!!


We are moving to 107 Seekel Street with Christ the Redeemer Church. 

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