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Is your child not thriving as you would like? 
We can help!

Many of the current students at Park Place School were performing below grade-level in the early grades of elementary school.   Responding to that was our original mission. 

How can we help?   

When your child falls a little behind in academic performance, it is very hard.  But, there are things that can be done to help.  Here are some of them:

1.  We can facilitate testing so that you can know what is going on with your child. 

2.  We can place your child in a classroom where his or her classmates will treat your child with respect and dignity. 

3.  We can place your child in a classroom that is small and students get individualized attention from a loving teacher. 

4.  We will frequently monitor your child's progress (we conduct NWEA Testing three times a year), and if the progress is not what was

      expected, your child will receive instruction from a gifted interventionist.   

5.  We will facilitate therapy if that is necessary.   

6.  Your child will learn in a Christ-centered environment.  They will learn that Jesus is for them. 

7.  Your child will receive instruction that is best-practice from teachers who are trained in the latest effective techniques.   

8.  We will walk with you closely.   We will partner with you.  Your interests in your child will be ours, too.   

We will seek to serve you in the ways you need to be served.   

Is your child not progressing as you would like?  We really can help.  

Call us today to register for classes:   757-624-3473   (Jennifer Whittington can assist you in taking the next steps!)

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