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Why Give to Park Place School?

That is the question, isn't it?   With so many worthy needs out there, why give to Park Place School?

We have a unique call...   God has placed us in this city in this time for his glory.  How do we go about that?  In our case, at Park Place School, by strengthening young men and young women spiritually, academically and relationally to love and serve Jesus here, in Norfolk.  

Are we interested in the children's academic strength alone?  Absolutely, and we use innovative and disciplined methods for improving it.  Our students grow here.

Are we interested in the children coming to know Jesus as Savior?  It is our chief joy, and we are thankful that we have been fruitful in this area.   

But, these things, as magnificent as they are, are too small a thing! 


If God wildly blesses, our students will come into their own in strength and in God's power, bearing the image of Christ.  They will be the 'children of God' that all of creation is waiting anxiously to see revealed (see Romans 8).   If God wildly blesses, our students will change Norfolk.  We are about God's glory in Norfolk, VA. 

You should join us on this journey because God has called us to it, and it is worthy.  For more on this read about our mission

We are uniquely Christian.  If you spend a few minutes walking around our school, you will sense it: this is a unique community.  You will notice that the students seem to enjoy each other.  You will notice that the teachers are amazing: loving and dedicated.  You will notice our parents are committed to their children's success.  

We introduce our children to a Savior who is the hope of mankind.  We develop young people who will stand for Him in love and humility.  They will be the gentle leaders in their communities.  All of creation, the scriptures tell us, is waiting for the unveiling of the children of God...   it is waiting for our students to come into their own.  

We're making a real difference in a key area: Academic Strength.  Educational achievement is key to long-term employment and financial stability, which, in turn, is the best indicator of long-term positive health outcomes.   Through systematic monitoring, targeted response, and learning intervention when necessary; our students are starting our school as children, and they are graduating as young men and women who are confident and competent to take on the challenges the world presents to them.  


We are making a difference in this key area of academic strength.  

We are a unique community.  There is a rare unity in our community.  It is the kind of place a person wants to return to.  We not only teach our students how to love others well, they are already doing it!   In John 17:22 Jesus prays that we all may be united so that the world will know that Jesus was sent by God.  Fascinating, isn't it?  One of the most effective means of communicating that Jesus is Lord is by us living together in unity.  We teach students how to live together, how to love others effectively, and how to sustain relationships.   In a world like ours, isn't that critical?   


Our students participate in various types of experiences.  Here they are about to board a small plane for a tour of Hampton Roads. 


This student is learning to play the violin.  There is a wide body of research that supports the finding that students who play over time and into high school typically perform above grade-level.   

          (Guhn, Emerson, & Gouzouasis, 2019)


Guhn, M., Emerson, S. D., & Gouzouasis, P. (2019). A population-level analysis of associations between school music participation and academic achievement. Journal of Educational Psychology, 112(2), 308-328. Retrieved from


Park Place School provides a Christian, high-qualify school choice for children whose parents are seeking more. Students may enter below grade level. PPS offers impactful classroom experiences that move them forward! Class size is limited to 15.

Families qualify for scholarships based on income. Most of our students qualify for a full scholarship, valued at at least $5,000. This year, we are serving students in grades 3-8.

Your gift of support helps a deserving child grow to their potential!


Virginia State Tax Credits are available for gifts of $500 or more. Did you know you can receive 65% of your gift back! When you give $500, you will receive $325 back - costing you ONLY $175! If you are a resident of Virginia and have paid at least $325 in state taxes, you will receive a REFUND - not simply a deduction.


If you are interested in funding a full scholarship with a gift of $5,000, you will receive $3,250 back in a tax credit/refund. This impactful gift costs only $1,750! The tax credits for these gifts need to be approved IN ADVANCE - so please email or call to verify tax credits are still available and to discuss the best method of donation.

Thank you ALL for supporting our small but MIGHTY school!

In gratitude,

The Park Place School Team


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