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Our Mission and Unique Kingdom Value Proposition


We know “…creation waits in eager expectation for the children of God to be revealed. (Romans 8:19 NIV).” 


Have you ever wondered who those children are?   Who are these ones the world is waiting in eager expectation for?   They are our children, your children, you, and me.   They are the children who love Jesus and are transformed daily into His likeness. 

They are the children of Park Place School.

Our communities and neighborhoods, cities and states, are anxiously awaiting men and women who can represent Jesus, who can step into the incredible challenges we face with character,  wisdom, and grace. 

They are waiting for the students of Park Place School to come into their own. 

Too dramatic?   We don’t think so, and we have parents, teachers and partners who are sacrificing to make it a reality.  Yes, it is a worthy thing to step into the lives of children and help them become capable academically.   That is a beautiful thing, in fact, and we do it well.   And, of course, it is an eternally valuable thing to lead children to faith in Jesus, and we do that very well, too.   It is our deepest joy, and we are so thankful God uses us in this way. 

And yet…  these things—as amazing as they are—are too small a thing! 

At stake at Park Place School is the glory of Jesus in our city. 

These are children who would not normally be in Christian schools for a variety of reasons.  

In some cases, these are children who need some personalized help. 

But in all cases, these are children who—when they come into their own—will be the children ‘creation is eagerly waiting for.’ 


Join us as we make disciples who will change their city and then their world.    

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