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Our Story

Park Place School has a rich, 20-year history of serving children in our community with a free, equitable school choice for quality education. From our start, we have been dedicated to strengthening children spiritually, academically and relationally.  Our methods have changed through the years, but never our mission. We aim to make our city more Christ-centered by equipping young men and young women to make a difference here.  

Park Place School was birthed through the dream of several people to create a school that specifically aimed at learning issues that were present in the Park Place Community. People like Kathy Hopkins and Mike Farris teamed to recruit the first teachers and students, and to create a school in an old church building. 

It was amazing to watch God move as the school took roots and grew. Volunteers participated in everything from fund-raising to school maintenance, to volunteering in the classroom.  This truly is a school birthed from the love of many. 

We are thankful for all who faithfully supported us through the years.  This school was built on the foundation of the vision and the love of those who started it.    

God has miraculously provided for the school's needs and we stand in awe.  Many children have benefitted, many families have been blessed.  We are grateful.  

Park Place School is a Christian School for those who wouldn't normally have the opportunity.  Some things have changed through the years, but one thing has remained a constant: we have made disciples, Jesus-lovers and followers.  Most of our families would not have been able to get into a local Christian school.  Park Place School has been there for them. 

A Steady Vision, Evolving Methods.   In the beginning, our efforts focused on learning disabilities, and there were exceptional results.  We've experimented along the way, matching the available resources against the challenges we observed.  Our current efforts remain focused on students who have under-performed against grade-level, but our methods have changed to match resourcing and emerging educational best-practice.  Today, we maintain small class sizes and using the NWEA Map Test protocols, closely monitor and respond to student progress.  We provide intervention quickly when it is needed.  We offer a wide range of experiential learning activities, and our students participate in music lessons, learning to play instruments like the violin and xylophone. 


Our latest NWEA test results have been incredibly encouraging in the subject-area of reading.   We celebrate our students' advances and continue to monitor progress in science and math.  We have created an ethos of systematic assessment and prompt response, and we will continue.  Our latest results in reading have shown dramatic advances across the school.       

Thank you for your interest in Park Place School.

...because Jesus is great.   

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