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Lights in the world...

By this we mean that our students will represent Christ well to a world that is desperately in need, they will learn how to be Jesus' followers.   They will shine.  You don't have to look far to see the neediness of our world, of our communities.  Our vision is that our students will be Christ-followers, people who follow hard after Jesus with the goal of becoming more like Him.


And when you think about it, isn't that just the sort of people we need solving the problems in our communities?      

Overarching Goals:

  • Our Students will Love God.  The first goal is easy to articulate: it is our deepest desire that our students come to know and love Jesus as their Savior.   

  • Our Students will Love People.  The second greatest command, said Jesus, is to love the people God made.  "How can you love God, who you cannot see, when you don't love your neighbor, who you can?" (1 John 4:20)  Part of this will be how students love each other.  We already have a special community, our hope is that this deepens. 

  • Our Students will be Disciples.   The third goal is that our students follow Jesus to be like Him...   he calls these people who obey His commands, disciples.   

  • Our Students will Live a Contagious Faith.   People will see that our students are different, and long to be like them.  Our students will effectively touch their world for good.  


Key Strategies: 

  • We  use the Orange Curriculum that focuses on the interdependence of family, church and school in healthy spiritual formation.

  • Students will see Christ-likeness modeled in their teachers.  We catch the faith as much as we are taught it.  Our teachers provide winsome and loving models for our students to emulate.  

  • Our teaching and learning will be Biblically integrated, emphasizing the principle that all truth is God's truth. 

  • Students will be mentored in 1-to-1 contexts whenever possible.  We call this life-on-life mentoring.

  • Students will learn to love people well.  Loving people well involves being about their interests, about their best.  It involves humility and strength. Our students will follow the example of Christ in learning to listen to others and love them well. 

  • Students will exercise cultural humility.  Our students will learn through instruction and example to be culturally humble.  Our students will learn to conduct themselves in such a way that when people leave them, those people will say to themselves, "I was respected, I was seen, and I was heard."

  • Students will study the Bible.  God's Word is living and provides everything we need for life.   The Psalm says it this way: "The Law of the Lord is perfect, reviving the soul; the decrees of the Lord are sure, making wise the simple” (Psalm 19:7).   Our students will study the Bible from a devotional point of view.  

  • Students will serve others...   Jesus exemplified service to others.  Our students will have opportunities in class and in the community to serve people.   They will learn to place the interests of the other ahead of their own interests in the context of service.   

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