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We are a great alternative:
                          positive and results-oriented.

Welcome to Park Place School!

Park Place School is an excellent choice for your child's education: we strengthen each child spiritually and academically by empowering deep connections to peers, community and Christ. 

How do we do it?

Please check out our LEARNERS, LEADERS, and LIGHTS links to the right to see details of our goals and strategies. 


Academically.   Park Place School focuses on advancing  children beyond expectations through engaging learning opportunities that give them a deep understanding of the world in which they live.  We use nationally recognized assessments at least twice a year, classroom quick checks to monitor student progress on a weekly basis, and provide feedback when our learners need support to catch-up to their learning goals.  Having small class sizes (a maximum of 16 students per class) gives the children an open door for greater engagement.  

Spiritually. Park Place School provides a spiritual foundation that causes children to thrive in a warm, gracious and loving environment.  The teachers and learning community are unashamedly Christian in their perspective!  

Relationally. Park Place School is a welcoming community where children and teachers work and grow together to solve and think through problems and solutions.  Children make deep connections and connecting with others is a huge part of growth that leads to healthy long-term relationships.  


You are welcome here!

We are excited about this next school year, and look forward to continuing to make a difference, one child at a time.  We would love to have you join our community!  We invite you to explore our school, and encourage you to contact us if you feel that Park Place School would be a good fit for your family.

Call or email to schedule a visit or the school – we would love to meet you!

Call:  757-624-3473

Or email:

We are the Warriors!

You may have heard, after an extended process, we have adopted the name "Warriors" for our athletic teams. 

This was inspired by Ephesians 6: 11:

"Put on the armor of God so that you may be able to stand firm against the tactics of the devil."


Since our purpose is to strengthen our students spiritually, academically and as leaders in the community, this idea of being Warriors and 'standing' really resonated with our parents, students and faculty.  


And, not bragging: we actually just won our first interscholastic basketball game!   We played Norfolk Christian and though it was a close game, we won 20-17.  


So, if you are keeping track, in our 20+ years as a school we are undefeated!   We say it this way:  "Never defeated!"   (Of course, we've only played the one game so far, so...)



Living our vision
in the classroom
in the community
in the world

Empowering Students Spiritually, Academically and Relationally

Check it out!

This year we have published a Wishbook!  We've compiled a catalog of some of the things it takes to create a school like ours.  

Now we are inviting you to participate!

We are pretty tickled with this...    We go from less-expensive to more-expensive and tell you a little bit about our unique perspective. 

Learn about a 'generous justice,' or how you can buy us a new campus!   

We had fun building this book and hope you have fun interacting with it.   

You can look at the .pdf version by clicking on the cover to the right.  

Thank you for your strong support of our school, we are blessed by you!


Click on image below  to view Wishbook

Did you know you can receive 65% Tax Credit for gifts to Park Place School?   

You can give to Park Place School directly here:

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